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Quebec City Area

Commercial roofing company

Company among the leaders of its industry in the National Capital region. In existence for more than 30 years, the company’s reputation is well established. It is recognized as much for the quality of its work, its speed of execution and the judicious advice it gives its customers.
EBITDA sustainable : 1 360 000$
Gross Sale : 14 500 000$
Distribution / Manufacturing

Distributor and manufacturer of agro-forestry and agricultural parts and equipment

Established for more than 50 years, profitable company whose distribution activities have grown strongly in recent years. It has an excellent reputation in the field of agro-forestry and agricultural equipment throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritime provinces. Possibility of developing new markets or new product lines.
EBITDA sustainable : 595 000$
Gross Sale : 6 000 000$
Professional Services
Greater Montreal area

Aeronautical services company

A profitable company with recurring revenues from a customer base of major aircraft manufacturers and numerous airlines worldwide.
EBITDA sustainable : ~500 000$
Gross Sale : 5 600 000$
Commercial construction
Greater Montreal area

Commercial floor covering company

A profitable company with more than 25 years of activity in the field of commercial construction. Thanks to the quality of its work and its ability to work closely with the various stakeholders, it now enjoys an enviable reputation with its clientele of general contractors and real estate developers, as well as with its suppliers.
EBITDA sustainable : ~345 000$
Gross Sale : 7 800 000$
Residential construction

General contractor specialized in solariums

Profitable company, established for more than 20 years and with an excellent reputation, particularly for its expertise in solarium. Moreover, the growth prospects are excellent for a motivated buyer.
EBITDA sustainable : ~110 000$
Gross Sale : 1 150 000$
Snow Removal / Landscaping
Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area

Snow removal and landscaping company

Established for more than 40 years, profitable and in full growth. Today, it enjoys an excellent reputation in the various markets it serves: commercial, industrial and institutional.
EBITDA sustainable : 200 000$
Gross Sale : 2 230 000$
Distribution / Manufacturing

Industrial products distribution and manufacturing company (HVAC)

G4 SOLUTIONS represents a distribution and manufacturing company of industrial products (B2B) mainly related to building ventilation (HVAC). Located in Montérégie, the company sells directly to industrial, commercial and institutional customers, more than 80% of their sales are recurring. 60% of sales come from distribution, 40% from manufacturing. 20% of the products sold are custom-made according to the customers’ needs. The company sells 90% of its products in Quebec, 10% in the rest of Canada.
EBITDA sustainable : 550 000$
Gross Sale : 7 500 000$

Wood processing company

The company specializes in the manufacturing of window and door components, mouldings and exotic mouldings in white pine. In existence for more than 20 years, the company is profitable and has a good potential for sales growth and profitability improvement. In addition, it has an excellent reputation with many door and window manufacturers in Quebec and New Brunswick.
EBITDA sustainable : 200 000$
Gross Sale : 5 000 000$

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